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Update August 14 - 2010 Pro Or Con " Strip That Fat - Weight Loss Program" By Health Experts

Strip that fat is designed by with an aim to help you to strip any unwanted fat from your body and look and feel the way you have always wanted. It is said that the program will give you more energy, a more clear mind, and actually increase happiness after you strip any unwanted fat from your body because it will actually help your body and organs function better.
We provide you with information Pro and Con from the health experts' opinions. Please read the information carefully and make sure this is the program for you before purchasing. As always please consult with your doctor before applying.

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Strip That Fat
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Strip That Fat - Moving Gradually Into a Fitness Program

By Teddy Holz Platinum Quality Author

Before launching any fitness program have a complete physical examination, including an electrocardiogram. Your doctor should schedule a stress test to check on your heart capacity.

Don't let your new enthusiasm for getting fit make you too competitive. If you try to get back to the level of achievement you reached as a college athlete, you risk severe injury to ankles, knees and hips.

Don't jump into a racquet sport or a basketball league. Instead, prepare your body with a six-month program of walking, stretching and perhaps light jogging and weight training.

Choose a sport you like as a primary activity and a complementary activity to go along with it. A swimmer might walk or jog two days a week. A runner could work with weights.

Its very import to warm up before you actually start the exercises, because warming up prepares the body to move more easily and safely.. Start be taking small steps in place and swing your arms smoothly for a few minutes.

Work up to rigorous exercise. It takes middle aged men and women six months of regular exercise (fast walking, light jogging, weight training ect.) to work up to rigorous exercise. Even then, they should move gradually into each workout..

Walk or jog in place for two to three minutes..Do ten minutes of stretching.

When you move into your sport, take the first five minutes at a slow pace until you break into a light sweat. For the first few months, aim for 40% to 60% of your maximum heart rate.. After six months go for 70%..After nine months 85%...

Recognize when you have done too much (if it aches to take a step the next day.)

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Recommend Reading
Strip That Fat
Tired of the Endless Loop of Yo-Yo Diets?
Here is Why Your Last Diet Didn’t Work

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